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Wednesday 11th – Friday 13th October 2023


  • Wednesday workshops and exhibition
  • Thursday Conference and Gala Dinner
  • Friday wellbeing activities
  • 2 nights accommodation including lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • Access to Center Parcs facilities

Wednesday workshops and Friday wellbeing activities

Please select which workshops you would like to participate in.

Please note these are subject to availability and on a first-come, first served basis.

Sharing lodges

Delegates will share lodges with people who have booked the same package. If you would like to share with a colleague(s), please list their names below, and we will try to accommodate this.

Near the event, we will confirm your accommodation, sharing options workshops, activities and timings.

Center Parcs Woburn, Millbrook Road, Bedford, MK45 2HZ

Accommodation is in 2 or 3-bedroom executive lodges with all bedrooms as single occupancy; all rooms are en-suite; and are double or twin.

2-bedroom lodges comprise one twin en-suite bedroom, one double en-suite bedroom, an open plan kitchen, a living and dining area, and an outdoor patio with BBQ.

3-bedroom lodges comprise one twin en-suite bedroom, two double en-suite bedrooms, an open plan kitchen, a living and dining area, a sauna and an outdoor patio with BBQ.

Confirm your accommodation, workshops and activities choices

    Wednesday workshops

    Awe, wonder and understanding: developing a science curriculum to enhance curiosity and understanding of the world for all pupils

    Presenter: Charlotte Jackson

    A high-quality science education should provide children with excitement, curiosity and the foundations for understanding the world. This session will explore how we can connect science with children’s experiences to help strengthen learning and ensure they see science as real and relevant to themselves.

    Magic or Mayhem: high quality child-initiated learning

    Presenters: Lucky Khera, Andrew Boyes, Louise Jennings, Hayley Yendell

    This session will support leaders to identify the key elements of what to look for when monitoring high quality practice and provision during child-initiated learning to ensure progress for all children.

    Ask HR Anything – Open Discussion on HR & People Management Topics & Employment Law Round-Up

    Presenters: Chris Brown, Head of HR & Recruitment Services

    This session will be an open Q&A session and an opportunity to discuss any HR topics that delegates wish.  It will also include a short employment law round up of the year.

    How can regular formative assessment embedded into your curriculum enable deeper and more secure learning?

    Presenters: Sophie MacNeill, Ben Fuller and Dominic Bedford

    This session will support leaders to consider how their teachers provide opportunities to revisit and strengthen learning through retrieval practice, and how teachers use effective questioning approaches to ensure their teaching is responsive and adaptive to pupils’ needs.

    The moral imperative: creating a curriculum that develops identity, broadens horizons and enables success for all

    Presenter: Kate Kellner-Dilks

    The planned curriculum is one of our best tools in helping pupils to be successful in their learning, developing their sense of identity and belonging. The choices we make can have powerful consequences. This session explores what choices we have and how we can use them to enable all pupils to succeed in their learning.

    Adapting the implementation of the curriculum for pupils with SEND

    Presenters: Louise Barrell, Joanna Di Bella

    This session is to support leaders to explore the implementation of the curriculum for pupils with SEND.

    A journey through musical progression from Early Years to Key Stage 2

    Presenters: Christina Luchies (Head of Participation and School Music), Ben Stevens (Music Director), Kirsty Allman-Ward (Lead Primary Music Consultant)

    The journey of musical development is a continuous process, and a well-planned curriculum significantly contributes to this. By understanding the stages, skills, and experiences that make up a child's musical journey, primary head teachers can create an environment that nurtures and supports their pupils' musical growth. This workshop aims to provide you with valuable insights and practical approaches to support progression within music education in your school. This will be an interactive session helping you to understand what your students should know and be able to do at each stage of their primary education.

    Future-proofing all our pupils: strategies to develop confidence, independence and empowerment

    Presenter: Sarah-Jane Furguson

    A session exploring the importance of empowering pupils to develop their own agency in our rapidly changing society. Why is it important and how can we do it better? Looking at best practice in schools.

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